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The thought of selling online can be tricky that’s why we’ll work with you to implement custom solutions so as to meet the most exacting functional requirements.

Providing you with valuable advice and analysis to help you  make your customers have a sweet experience while on your website. In short, we will work closely with you to launch your Webshop on time and on budget and to ensure your ecommerce project is a success!


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Advantages of your Online Shop

69% of internet users in Nigeria  bought at least one thing online in 2018

From setting up and operating web stores to online marketing, dispatching goods, managing accounts receivable, processing returns, and payment collection, we are ready to serve you.

Your busy corporate customers can avoid traffic by easily browsing your online catalogue and placing orders from the convenience of their office/home even right from their mobile phone at any time of the day.

One of the main advantages of having an online Shop is that you break the physical barriers . You do not depend on the number of people passing through your street. From the Internet you can sell to the world.

Features of your Web-Shop that Satisfy Customers

When it comes to eCommerce websites, it’s all about functionality, features, and design. The success of many websites is determined by not only the products offered and how well the website is marketed, but also by the features the website offer both the customer and the website owner.
Some certain ecommerce shopping cart features can help you boost customer confidence and encourage repeat sales.


  • Search and sort to easily find products in certain categories or with specific attributes.


  • Manage content pages and create new content page and Blog posts


  • Create and manage discount codes and add discount codes to categories, brand or products.


  • Receive email when order is placed, order information and purchase details (products, tax, shipping, addresses, etc.


  • Search and sort to easily find customers by first name and last name and export customer subscribed to email newsletter to Excel for marketing purposes.


  • Reports include store sales by amount, store sales order volume, new customers vs. returning, top selling products, and lots more.
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