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As Your Business Changes and Grows . So Should Your Website

For a site to be successful, you can’t forget about it and focus all of your attention elsewhere on marketing the business. Potential customers only spend a few seconds browsing your site before they decide to move on and established customers want a reliable online experience every time they log in. A stale and stagnant site is sure to lead your consumers straight into the arms of the competition.

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Our job is simple

Keep your website up-to-date, secure, up and running, and bug-free.

Our ongoing website maintenance services are geared towards maximizing your online presence, engage customers with fresh content, and create higher levels of profitability.

  • Make the right impression for your business
  • Boost your search engine traffic.
  • Give Your Visitors a Reason To Come Back.
  • Keep Your Site Up-To-Date with the Latest Security Patches.

Frequently asked Questions

What advantages does web-maintenance provide?

It renovates the basic elements of the website, such as the contents, images, links, coding etc.

This in turn remodels the entire appearance of the website by updating information and increasing the freshness-factor of the website.

What if the changes/upgrade i require is not listed under your website maintenance service list?

If any of the services you require is not mentioned under Website maintenance service list, please feel free to contact us so we can discuss how we can handle it for you.

What if my website requires moderate programming changes as well?

We will be glad to make any changes as required for your website however it is not covered in the scope of maintenance plans. So we will submit customized quote based on the changes required & start upon approval.

How long does it take to complete the changes?

It depends on the number of change requests we have received & how busy we are on the given day. However, usually, all changes are completed within 1-2 days. Upon receiving the change requests, we will confirm the turnaround time.

When do you start working on the web maintenance?

We start working on our project once payment has been confirmed and all necessary materials have been collected, we  also keep the client updated about the initiation, progress and estimated completion time through emails.

Our Website Maintenance

Overview Tasks Goals

An overview of our process for upgrades is as follows:

  1. Make a website backup (so you can always revert)
  2. Make a working duplicate of the website on another server (so you don’t work on the live site)
  3. Perform the upgrade on the duplicate
  4. Test and make sure nothing breaks
  5. Move the new upgraded website to the live website’s server and replace the older version (still keep that backup)
  6. Test again (because you always need to test again)

To help you visualize how we could work together, here are some specific ideas on how you can benefit from your Maintenance Plan

Suggested Activities, just a few ideas:

  1. Any Website Updates – Whether it’s editing existing pages, loading images, adding or removing pages, or posting a blog. We can do any changes, large or small.
  2. Site Maps/Information Architecture – Don Dada Tech will assist in putting together a content outline or site map to identify the number and content of the pages needed. Part of this process could include Competitive Analysis to review competitor sites for content ideas.
  3. Image/Photo Editing – Don Dada Tech can also create any visuals needed for the new content, such has icons or stock photo selection.
  4. Website Development – Don Dada Tech can handle any final programming required to finish the site.
  5. Manage Website Hosting – Don Dada Tech can handle any issues that need to be addressed with your Website Hosting Vendor, such as: updating domain records, changing WordPress permalinks and testing for issues following any hosting updates.
  6. Content Review – Don Dada Tech would take one or a few pages of the website each month, review for code or formatting issues.
  7. Routine Site Checks – Don Dada Tech could run diagnostics to help identify any technical issues happening with your website.
  8. Time Sensitive PostingIf you have content that needs to be posted on your website with specific dates, we can be your backup resource to make sure everything goes live on time.
  9. Deploy Email Marketing – Send us the content and we can load and deploy your marketing emails, using your tool of choice.
  10. Technical SEO – We encourage you to use your Maintenance Plan to maintain the help of your website. There are many technical updates that are required now or become required as Google changes its guidelines and algorithms. Don Dada Tech actively studies these requirements, identifies changes needed and can implement that work on your website.

Our  goal is to create the best website packages for our  clients. We strive to be the best website maintenance company for Business owners, Companies and Organizations.

As your digital partner, we work with you and handle the technology that helps run your business.  You won’t have to learn how to maintain a website, or how to build a web page.

Our Website Maintenance Packages

(One time Fix) one time investment

₦ 12,500

Having an error-free and up-to-date website builds your credibility with Google! With the Website Maintenance Fix, we bring your website up-to-date to your requirements.  Our team will audit your website and bring it up-to-date based on your needs as well as technical indicators that Google loves!
This service is a one-time investment, but we also recommend you check out our monthly website maintenance packages in case you need more help along the way to growing your business.

Note: Charges are applicable where softwares ( plugins, Modules or Components) are to be purchased.

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[Basic Package] 1 Month

₦ 15,500

  • Modifying existing layouts
  • Updating Website Soft wares
  • Fixing HTML Errors & Fixing Broken Links
  • Updating content  (e.g Changing an address , contact information or Company profile)
  • Creating new pages or posts
  • Sharing  your sites contents on Social media
  • Server Maintenance
  • SMS Campaigns (Conditions apply)

Note: Charges are applicable where softwares ( plugins, Modules or Components) are to be purchased.

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[Standard Package] 3 Months

₦42, 500

  • Plugin/components/modules Updates
  • Making the homepage fresh for returning customers
  • Security Scan
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Performance Scans
  • image replacement
  • Reviewing Your Website Analytics
  • Site Backup
  • Newsletter Services
  • Ensuring Design Consistency across all Pages
  • Adding recent company news to website/ updating company blog
Note: Charges are applicable where softwares ( plugins, Modules or Components) are to be purchased.

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[Pro Package] 6 Months

₦87, 000

  • Distributing Blog to email list (Newsletter) or social media
  • Adding promotions to the website
  • Change of  Look and feel of the Theme/Template
  • Enhancing existing website content and pages
  • Adding new images and content to your website
  • Image/Content modification and replacement
  • Performing website updates and backups
  • Database Optimization
  • Security Scan
  • Google Webmaster Tools Integration
  • Performance Scans
  • Monthly Report

Note: Charges are applicable where softwares ( plugins, Modules or Components) are to be purchased.

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